Capital Training Group (CTG) is a wholly owned subsidiary company of Capital Engineering Group Holdings Ltd (CEGH). CTG manage the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) contract on behalf of CEGH.


At CTG we recognise that our partners are a key to our business and the delivery of outstanding services to the customer. Thus, we firmly believe that an effective customer journey depends on a carefully designed, managed and implemented supply chain.

Quotes On Our Partnerships

Below is a selection of quotes on our partnerships from our Ofsted Inspection in May 2014:
  • “Capital Training Group (CTG) works with a wide variety of partners and stakeholders to ensure that both Local and National priorities are met for the delivery of government funded training.”
  • “CTG delivers high quality provision through a network of delivery partners; all partners have high expectations of learners and employers and are proud of their success rates for delivery.”
  • “All partners undergo a rigorous due diligence process on annual basis and are all approved on the SFA’s Register of Training Organisations (ROTOR)”
  • “CTG has challenging Key Performance Indicators in place for partners and there is an opportunity to reduce the management fee by a maximum of 3%. Management fees start at 20% and may increase depending on experience.”
  • Download Ofsted Inspection Report, May 2014 here
Ofsted Inspection, May 2014